Martyn Tribe

Principal / Major Projects Leader

Martyn brings extensive international experience  to his 18 years as principal and director of Urban Design Architects Pty Ltd.  His contribution to major projects ensures that each design is efficient in planning, well considered and aesthetically pleasing to the client and users of the building.

Martyn is acknowledged as a respected Melbourne architect delivering significant urban projects of quality and style.

Roger Schmidt

Design Director

Roger is an award winning architect having received credit nationally and internationally for conceptual projects. He creates innovative design solutions for projects and incorporates environmental principles in design.

He has comprehensive experience in the design and delivery of many building types; residential and multi-residential housing, school, university and TAFE buildings, rail, bridge and infrastructure as well as masterplans ranging in size from schools to towns.

Sheila Hansen

Project Leader

Since joining UDA, Sheila has worked on a variety of projects from bespoke private residences to large-scale multi-unit residences and mixed-use developments, all at various stages from project inception through approval stages to construction services.

Sheila has a strong technical focus with an emphasis on real, practical application. Her skilled approach to design ensures functionality and technical requirements are met within the client’s design aspirations.

Specialising in high density multi-unit residential projects and having worked with many large-scale developers she excels in collaborative working environments. With her proven ability she successfully manages projects from inception to completion.

Marco Sartori

Graduate Architect

Marco graduated in 2012 from the IUAV university of architecture in Venice, he joined the UDA team in 2016 having gained experience in other Melbourne design firms.

Marco’s attention to precise construction detailing is a critical step in the realisation of the architectural concept design through to a successful finished building. Marco places the functionality at the centre of his projects and thinking and values integrated design solutions that have both purpose and innovation.

Leander Chen


Leander graduated with a Masters in Architecture from Melbourne University in 2012 and joined the UDA team in 2016. Leander is a versatile member of our detail design and documentation team with passion for the built environment and design aesthetics. His thorough knowledge of BIM software brings efficiency to the design and documentation process.

Lucy Goncalves

Graduate Architect

Lucy is a graduate of the Santa Maria University in Caracas Venezuela. Her special architectural skills are utilised in the detailed design and presentation of large scale residential, mixed use and commercial projects.

Her international experience brings a fresh approach to conceptual design involving new trends and technology from the  best exemplars of architectural design from around the world.

Ee Sheng

Graduate Architect

Ee Sheng graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2012 and has gathered experience both locally and internationally in Singapore prior to joining UDA in 2017.

Ee Sheng’s architectural rigor and research results in elegant designs that are both functional and visually striking. Her attention to construction methodology and detail at an early stage of the design process keeps the design feasible through to construction.